Most of the people who uses internet has google and Gmail account which most of us are least concerned about its security. Its easy for hackers to hack into your Gmail account and access your other accounts linked with Gmail .Be it resetting password for social media like facebook,instagram or may be details regarding your bank account.

     Recently  there have been many reports regarding hacking of Gmail accounts all over the world. Securing your account is in your own hand. In order to add some security,you just need to follow few steps, to enable two step verification to Login. This features reduces the risk of hacking somehow. 


1. First sign into your account and go to my account.

2. In this select sign in and security.

Click on 2-step verification.

4. Select google prompt or text message which ever feels comfortable to you.(I recommend prompt as it is convenient)

5. You need to verify your device and phone number  after selecting your option.


6. You have  10 backup codes which you can download or save. These codes can be used once, where new codes can generated.
    These codes are useful when you can’t reach your phone.