iPhone 8 Design leaked

Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone 8 in coming months. There are a lot of rumours about upcoming iPhone but there is no clear cut view of next iPhone 8 but looks like the company itself has given hints about structure and design in its firmware update for Homepod. It also gives some information about the feature of Face unlocking using Infrared Camera. Most of the leaks of previous iPhones have been accurate when compared to leaks of  Android Phones.


Yesterday Apple sent the firmware update for Homepod and Developers managed to decode and found details about upcoming iPhone 8. Developer Troughton-Smith managed to get the detail and shared on twitter. The tweet shows Bezel-less display and Infrared camera which could unlock your device by Facial recognition in iPhone 8.



According to Troughton-Smith, the HomePod firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone’s infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit. There are a bunch of lines of code for “BKFaceDetect” and it has been reported that “BK” could mean Biometric Kit. And as we all know, Apple likes to use fancy terms like Kit for most of their developer tools and this could be just another one of those. It looks like there’s also a reference to an infrared camera. An infrared camera can be used to detect the face even in dark condition, which could be used to detect and unlock the face even at night time.

iPhone 8 Design leaked

There is no information about the TouchID in the firmware update. There is no confirmation about the presence of fingerprint scanner because the company has facial recognition coming on iPhone 8. If the iPhone 8 has Touch ID then it will be either be on the back or embedded in the screen it self. Earlier we saw Qualcomm showcasing  Under Screen Finger Print scanner and can expect similar type of technology on Apple devices