Do you notice some of the people enjoy earlier app update with new features before the official update? Why so? Are they lucky? Ever wonder How?
     The answer is that they have signed for BETA APP TESTING for that particular app. Any user can sign in for this programme.

    How to sign for beta app in Android

   For signing for the beta, you first need to download the public version of that particular app.
  •  Open  Play store.
  • Find the particular app you need for beta testing.
  • Scroll down till last of the page.
  • You can see a box to become a beta tester
  • Tap on I’M IN and wait for few minutes to join programme
  • After some time you may see you will be a beta tester, and all you have to do is to update the app to enjoy earlier access before public version.
  NOTE: Not all apps have the beta testing programme. Some of the apps may have limited beta testing, so if you are unlucky you may see a message that we are full.


  1. App Updates before public access.
  2. Beta version may have features that public version don’t have.


  1.  Frequently app updates.
  2. Beta version may have features that may not be stable as they are in beta stage.