The only thing a internet user hate is completing his FUP  limit or data cap limit. FUP is set by ISP which resticts  the amount of data consumed, after which the speeds may decrease as per provider.

Excitel launches truely unlimited data plan in hyderabad

     Excitel broadband, a internet service provider in capital city Delhi has now spread its services in Hyderabad which is growing as IT city with lot of data consumptions, earlier we saw Act fibrenet launching 1gbps plan in Hyderabad making it first of a kind in India.
         Excitel broadband has many good plans with high speeds and low prices, infact it is among the first to provide 100mbps below Rs1000 and that too without any data limit.
      As Excitel has entered in hyderabad, it also brought some offers, it gives Rs 200 off on every plan till 31st July 2017 and free cable installation.There are no hidden charges 


Excitel plans in hyderabad 2017
   50mbps: Rs495  per month(untill 31st July 2017, afterwards Rs 695)
   75mbps: Rs645 per month(untill 31st July 2017, afterwards Rs 845)
   100mbps: Rs795 per month(untill 31st July 2017, afterwards Rs 995)
    *Note: taxes are applicable on above plans

   Excitel plans allow users to consume data without fear of exhausting data cap. User can use unlimited data with same speed. If a user is not satisfied or unhappy with the service he/ she can cancel the subscription and get the money back within 1 month of subscription.
    This surely is an exciting offer but it has to face competition from Act and Hathway who already have strong roots in Hyderabad, and also from Jio fibre which will soon be in service 
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