After three months of waiting Nintendo’s  Super Mario Run is now live and available for android users  to download. The game was launched first to iOS devices three months early and was downloaded 40 millon times in four days after launch of the game and 78 millon by january.

       The game Super Mario Run is free to download but it has in app purchase. First three levels in the game are free but beyond the player has to pay a one time fee of $9.9 around Rs 690. The game come to android with version 2 and also with update to iOS app.

       The game comes with 24 modes in world tour and separate challenges in Toad Tally mode and Kingdom builder. The game constantly needs internet connection and drains a lot of juice. We tried playing the game on galaxy S6 for half-hour​ and battery drained from 87% to 48%.  From the time it was made available for iOS device it ranked in top charts within a week. Will it too in playstore too? Only will tell.. People afterward tend to get bore while playing as the game is in portrait mode and constantly need data connection despite the in app purchase.