YouTube go is launched in India keeping in mind of the low Internet speed connection. The app is not officially available but it is free to download from playstore. Currently the app unreleased and it is in beta face which may be unstable.

        Google has said about this in its event in India for “Google in India” in September last year. This was to get people who have no access to Internet or have limited access to enjoy the services of google, by which people can use YouTube even with low bandwidth speed.

     YouTube Go is made for India and tags “Ab mazze udao,data nahi! ” . The app has size of mere 8.5mb and support Android device having v4.1 jelly bean and above.

YouTube Go mainly concentrate on offline saving video in basic quality and standard quality. Which means you cant save 720p video, for this you can use standard YouTube app. Users can preview video before downloading. 

Along with saving you can also send the saved video to other device having same app. Sharing does not required data but instead it will be shared by pairing with Bluets. However you need 15kb for “Internet security check” once for playing the video. The app is seen in India and may be google will release app in other market where there are constriction of Internet access to device