Samsung galaxy s8 is to be launched in march 2017,but it has already created hype in internet regarding bezelless display,removal of physical home button and placing fingerprint scanner at right side of camera. Only time will tell if samsung’s idea of scanner position will win heart or not.
          Samsung s8 is said to come with an AI named “BIXBY” which is developed by viv labs,the one who created siri. Samsung acquired viv labs and will be using its AI resources in its future devices. Bixby will be smart enough to book a cab or order pizza or may be control the smart devices around your home. Bixbi later may come to other devices like smart TV which may give tough competition to Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. 

        Bixby is rumoured to come with 8 languages support according to South Korean ETnews. Google Assistant is supported in 5 languages English,Hindi,German,Portuguese and Brazilian. Thus Bixby will be efficient than Google Assistant compared to language processing. Other languages supported by Bixby may be Korean,Chinese due to high number of samsung users in these countries.