Apple is the manufacturer who manufactures premium smartphone. Being premium the price of it goes genrally high, and in countries like india where around 70%-80% of smartphones sold are below Rs 15,000 range,and for such a person to buy an apple product seems very costly.
     Even the company’s lowest priced smartphone iPhoneSE cost nearly 29,000. And for previous years phones the price cut is very low. 
       Apple in coming months will start assembling its phone in bengaluru  India staring with iPhone SE. After getting permission will manufacture in bengaluru with the help of its partner Wistron corp as Cupertino major seeks tax concession from the Indian government  to set up local production in the words fastest growing smartphone market. The company initially will start by assembling 300,000 to 400,000 iPhone SE  in India

     With this Apple’s product may be cheaper and affordable which could improve its ranking in Indian market which is currently 10th. It has faced tough competition from new players like Vivo,Oppo, Redmi which have models within the range of people’s budget.