Best thing about smart phones is that they are compatible with many accessories and gadgets is that enhances smart phone usage and user improvement. Here are some accessories that every one should have.

1. Mi 20000mAH Power bank

we are always lack of juice in our phone and constantly need to power them up. So it is impassible to take charger with you all time and search for plug outlet. Power bank solves this probles as it is portable and easy to handle. Mi powerbank offers you with 20000mAH bank to recharge your phone more than one time. Infact it supports fast charging with voltage input of DC5.0V, output voltage DC5.1V. It has got nine layers of circuit chip protection. making it safer.It has dual usb port with 5.1V/3.6A output.It weight about 413 grams.


Wireless charging is useful for people including me who dont want fuzz with the charging cable and like to charge by placing it. Samsung is king in wireless charging industry and most of its devices supports wireless charging. all you have to do is plug usb cable to wireless charging and you are ready to charge. you can also charge your non wireless charging device by adding wireless charging receiving pad      


 This accessory is the main need for music lover.Some times phone’s speaker isn’t audible or creating disturbance to others.Good pair of headphones can sound loud so that you can mesmerize in your world. There are many headphones out there but best among them is manufactured by Beats,Skullcandy,Sony,JBL.




Storage in our phone is limited to certain amount, but some phones have microSD slot by which they can increase their storage. For phones who don’t have slot they can store in pendrives by using otg cable. Now a days even comes with OTG compatibility.


Every one in this generation owns or wants a smartwatch.why not it has various benefits and features which helps u to do the work within reach of their wrist.Market for smartwatches is tremendously increasing. Most of the handset manufacturers like Samsung,Apple,Sony,Huawei, Lenovo, Intex have started making smartwatches with various series. Samsung has given smartwatches a new way of look by introducing gear series. They can make cals, track your fitness, can entertain through music and games.


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