Whats App is a mobile messaging app which was globally released in 2009 and entered India in June 2010(according to a Quora user). From the time of release it has taken the messaging and texting to a whole new level,this was so popular that Facebook actually bought it. 
  Voice calls,Group chat was latter added which was enjoyed by the users overtime. It was most popular among countries like USA,UK,INDIA where there are lot internet users and in countries like India it is supported with multiple languages. whats app gave its users biggest gift by making the service free for lifetime.


 Whats App officially launched video calling feature globally. unfortunately compared to rivals it launched lately but with huge amount of  users still it could be a great hit like the voice call. just launched video calling feature has some bugs and the call quality is comparatively lower than Google Duo,Facebook Messenger etc. video calling feature is available in Android,iOS and Windows.Windows phones were the first to experience this feature.Then video call was introduced in beta app in android.


  • obviously first open the app
  • in contacts tab select the contact with whom you want to make call
  • tap on phone icon just like you do a voice call
  • select video calling option from popup

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